Amorphous Silicon Position Sensitive Detector Array for Fast 3-D Object Profiling


A 32/128 linear array of 1-D amorphous silicon position sensitive detectors (PSD) was integrated into a self constructed suitable and portable data acquisition prototype system. The system is comprised by a commercially available existing electronics module suitable for photodiode data acquisition operations and by another adapter module, which allows for removal and replacement of the 32/128 PSD based sensor. This system is applied for imaging 3-D objects using the triangulation principle with a sheet-of-light laser. The sensor array response obtained from the reflected light of the object was fed into an electronic readout system and the corresponding signals were analyzed using the relevant data algorithm. The obtained results show a sensor nonlinearity of about 4%-7%, a wide sensor/system dynamic range and a 3-D profile spatial resolution supplied by each sensor strip of 339 μm, which can easily be reduced to 8.5 μm and even further with appropriate software modifications.

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