The cm Electron Concentration and Low Specific Contact Resistivity of Phosphorus-Doped Ge on Si by In-Situ Chemical Vapor Deposition Doping and Laser Annealing


The phosphorus incorporation by chemical vapor deposition and activation by laser annealing reaches the electron concentration of ~3 × 1020 cm-three. The pulsed laser not only activates the phosphorus but also produces the biaxial tensile strain of zero.35%. With the nickel germanide contact, the precise contact resistivity reaches as low as 1.five × ten-8 Ω-cm2 by greatly reducing the tunneling distance. Thanks to fourp.c misfit between Ge and Si, there are still misfit dislocations near the Ge/Si interface. The misfit dislocations at the Ge/Si interface cause the ideality factor of 1.6 for the Ge/Si hetero-junction diode with ON/OFF ratio of ~1 × a hundred and five.

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