Investigations of the Armature–Rail Contact Pressure Distribution in a Railgun


In the method of electromagnetic launch, the nonuniform contact pressure distribution on the armature–rail interface kept changing with the armature moving forward. At first, the contact pressure was mainly provided by the deformation of the trailing arm, from which it might keep a good metal–metal contact at the armature–rail interface. Once the heart beat current was constructed, the magnetic pressure would dominate the contact pressure as a result of it absolutely was abundant larger than the mechanical interference pressure. During this paper, the 3-D modeling of contact pressure distribution was administered with the finite-part method. In the simulation of 3-D contact calculations, the present entered the armature from the trailing edge. The electromagnetic force perpendicular to the armature trailing arm was like the uniform load on the inner surface of the trailing arm. A typical contour pattern of nonuniform contact pressure distribution was acquired. Some nonuniform coefficients of contact pressure distribution were proposed and analyzed to judge the contact performances between the armature and rails. A series of simulations was conducted at totally different magnitudes of magnetic pressure, and with different armature structure parameters. The characteristics of the nonuniform coefficients were investigated and discussed. The dependences of the nonuniform coefficients on the equivalent uniform load and armature structure parameters were obtained.

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