Holistic Atlases of Functional Networks and Interactions Reveal Reciprocal Organizational Architecture of Cortical Function


For decades, it has been largely unknown to what extent multiple practical networks spatially overlap/interact with each alternative and jointly realize the whole cortical perform. Here, by developing novel sparse representation of whole-brain fMRI signals and by using the recently publicly released large-scale Human Connectome Project high-quality fMRI knowledge, we have a tendency to show that a variety of reproducible and sturdy practical networks, together with both task-evoked and resting state networks, are simultaneously distributed in distant neuroanatomic areas and substantially spatially overlapping with every different, therefore forming an initial assortment of holistic atlases of practical networks and interactions (HAFNIs). More curiously, the HAFNIs revealed 2 distinct patterns of highly overlapped regions and highly specialized regions and exhibited that these 2 patterns of areas are reciprocally localized, revealing a novel organizational principle of cortical perform.

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