Anisotropic Ambient Volume Shading


We have a tendency to present a unique methodology to compute anisotropic shading for direct volume rendering to improve the perception of the orientation and form of surface-like structures. We verify the size-aware anisotropy of a shading purpose by analyzing its ambient region. We tend to sample adjacent points with similar scalar values to perform a principal element analysis by computing the eigenvectors and eigenvalues of the covariance matrix. In explicit, we estimate the tangent directions, that serve as the tangent frame for anisotropic bidirectional reflectance distribution functions. Moreover, we tend to exploit the ratio of the eigenvalues to live the magnitude of the anisotropy at every shading purpose. Altogether, this permits us to model a information-driven, swish transition from isotropic to strongly anisotropic volume shading. During this manner, the form of volumetric options can be enhanced considerably by aligning specular highlights along the principal direction of anisotropy. Our algorithm is freelance of the transfer operate, which permits us to compute all shading parameters once and store them with the info set. We have a tendency to integrated our method during a GPU-based volume renderer, that offers interactive control of the transfer perform, light-weight source positions, and viewpoint. Our results demonstrate the advantage of anisotropic shading for visualization to attain data-driven native illumination for improved perception compared to isotropic shading.

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