Frequency-Doubling Photonic Vector Millimeter-Wave Signal Generation From One DML


We tend to propose a unique and straightforward theme for top-frequency photonic vector millimeter-wave (mm-wave) signal generation based mostly on photonic frequency doubling enabled by one directly modulated laser (DML), precoding, and analog frequency upconversion. The introduction of a DML avoids the need for an external optical modulator and, so, simplifies the design and reduces the price. The adoption of analog frequency upconversion effectively overcomes the bandwidth limitation of this commercially offered digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and, therefore, will increase the attained carrier frequency of the generated vector mm-wave signal. Based on our proposed scheme, we experimentally demonstrate the generation of a 40-GHz quadrature phase-shift keying (QPSK)-modulated vector mm-wave signal. The generated forty-GHz QPSK-modulated vector mm-wave signal will be delivered over a zero.5-m wireless distance with up to a 4-GBd rate and a touch error ratio (BER) less than the laborious-decision forward-error-correction (HD-FEC) threshold of .

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