Simple Electrical Predistortion Method Using Schottky Diode for Radio-Over-Fiber Systems


A simple low-current consumption analog predistortion circuit is intended to enhance linearity. The circuit is experimentally verified in an exceedingly radio-over-fiber (RoF) systems. A Schottky diode is used to make amends for the nonlinearity of RoF systems. An $L$ – $I$ curve for a laser diode is compared with the $I$ – $V$ curve of the Schottky diode and the nonlinear characteristics are analyzed. The predistortion circuit is composed of 2 paths: one) the nonlinear circuit with a Schottky diode to compensate for the laser diode nonlinearity and a pair of) the electrical delay line for a time delay. These 2 paths are recombined to suppress the IMD3 (third order intermodulation distortion) of the laser diode. Experimental results show that enhancements of $sim 26$ dBc in the IMD3 and $sim 7.5$ dB within the spurious-free dynamic vary are achieved at 2.4 GHz. The proposed predistortion system features a vital reduction in current consumption compared with previous linearization techniques. Also, error vector magnitude is satisfied beneath four% with 64-quadratic-amplitude modulation.

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