Sensitivity Enhancement of Electrolyte–Insulator–Semiconductor Sensors Using Mesotextured and Nanotextured Dielectric Surfaces


We report the fabrication of an electrolyte- insulator-semiconductor (EIS) device with an improved sensitivity led to by texturization of the functionalized dielectric at the dielectric/electrolyte interface by electrostatic attachment of nanoparticle and mesoparticle. Improvement in sensitivities up to forty twopercent over the nontextured (management) devices was obtained with SiO2 particles on SiO2 dielectric. The sensitivity was a function of the scale of the particles with higher sensitivities being obtained with smaller particle sizes. The attainable contributions of the chemical modification of the dielectric surface by the aminosilanes resulting within the modification of the surface charge, and of the physical modifications by particle texturization leading likely to enhancement of the surface densities of the active binding sites, were highlighted. A unique design for the EIS reservoir for doable improved circuit integration and manufacturability, involving a two-step reservoir in photoresist was demonstrated. This device was capable of characterizing sample volumes as small as twenty μL. A two×one and a 2×two array was conjointly demonstrated, that might be used for multianalyte detection.

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