Mid-Infrared Interband Cascade Photodetectors With Different Absorber Designs


We tend to report an experimental investigation on the influence of absorber thicknesses in mid-infrared interband cascade (IC) photodetectors. The electrical and optical properties of these five-stage IC detectors are characterised intimately over a wide operating temperature vary. The IC detectors are operational on top of four hundred K under zero bias, with a 50percent cutoff of four.56 μm and external quantum potency (single pass, no antireflection coating) up to ten.1percent at area temperature. The dark current within the IC detectors is at ten μA/cm2 at -ten mV, with a Johnson-restricted D* of 1.10 × 1011 Jones at two hundred K. Our experimental results show that each the optical response and the noise performance within the quantum-built IC detectors improve with increased discrete absorber thicknesses. It's also suggested that the dark current in the IC detectors is set by tunneling parts at lower temperatures, and becomes diffusion-limited at higher temperatures.

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