Bonding InGaAsP/ITO/Si Hybrid Laser With ITO as Cathode and Light-Coupling Material


A 1.5-$mu{rm m}$ InGaAsP/ITO/Si hybrid laser with indium tin oxide (ITO) as both a cathode and a light-coupling material is presented. The InGaAsP gain structure with a transparent ITO cathode is flip-chip bonded onto a patterned silicon-on-insulator wafer. The light generated in the InGaAsP multiquantum wells is coupled through the ITO cathode into the Si waveguide to form an InGaAsP/ITO/Si hybrid laser. The threshold current density of this hybrid laser is 20 ${rm kA}/{rm cm}^{2}$ at 210 K. Due to the advantages of post-bonding and simplicity of the fabrication process, such a hybrid laser may be a promising Si light source.

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