Propagation Properties of Symmetric Surface Plasmon Polaritons Mode in Waveguide


Propagation properties of symmetric surface plasmon polariton (SPP) mode excited through a dipole embedded in ${rm Al}_{2}{rm O}_{3}$ layer in ${rm Au}/{rm Al}_{2}{rm O}_{3}/{rm Au}$ waveguide have been investigated. The skin effect of symmetric SPP mode vertical to ${rm Al}_{2}{rm O}_{3}/{rm Au}$ interface is presented. The skin depths in the Au layer and in the intermediate ${rm Al}_{2}{rm O}_{3}$ layer are 12 and 24 nm, respectively. Moreover, the propagation properties of symmetric SPP mode along ${rm Al}_{2}{rm O}_{3}/{rm Au}$ interface are also analyzed. The propagation lengths of electric and magnetic field component are 0.4 and 0.8 $mu{rm m}$, respectively. It is expected that this study will provide additional understanding to the coupling between SPP sources and plasmonic waveguides.

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