Electronic Interface With Vignetting Effect Reduction for a Nikon 6B/6D Autocollimator


During this paper, we tend to present an electronic interface created for the Nikon 6B/6D visual autocollimator that enables for a rise in the ultimate resolution of measurements and a reduction in the vignetting and distortion effects created by this optical instrument’s lenses. The electronic interface consists of a Basler ACE high-definition camera and its positioning devices and a computer with a subpixel digital image processing package. The latter includes 2 main procedures: one for scale calibration and the opposite for determining the position of crosshair lines. Both procedures work at subpixel level. The feasibility of the measurement method was verified. The resolution obtained for the measurement of angular displacements is about zero.019 s of arc, 25 times higher than the one registered by the original visual system. Its overall performance was compared against an electronic level with internationally traceable certification.

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