DNA adduct identification using gold-aptamer nanoprobes


The optical and physico-chemical properties of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) have prompted new and improved approaches that have greatly evolved the fields of biosensing and molecular detection. In this study, the authors took advantage of AuNPs' simple modification and functionalised it with selected DNA aptamers employing a salt aging methodology to produce gold-aptamer nanoprobes. When characterisation, these nanoprobes were subsequently used for biomolecular detection of glycidamide (GA)-guanine (Gua) adducts generated in vitro. The results are based on differences in nanoprobe stabilisation against salt-induced aggregation, just like the non-cross-linking methodology developed by Baptista for discrimination of specific sequences. Alkylated Guas were efficiently discriminated from deoxyguanosine and GA in resolution. Despite this, a transparent identification of DNA adducts derived from genomic DNA alkylation has proven to be a more challenging task.

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