Improvements in the Low-Frequency Characteristic and Sensitivity of a Thin-Film Multijunction Thermal Converter in Vacuum


We have fabricated monocore superconducting tapes of KxFe2-y(Se1-zSz)2 using a process primarily based on a chemical phase transformation from 112-kind KFe(Se1-zSz)2 (nonsuperconducting) to 12a pair of-kind KxFe2-y(Se1-zSz)2 (superconducting) via a provide of Fe from the Fe sheath by annealing. Transformation of tape core from the 112 kind to the 12a pair of kind was observed at the annealing temperature higher than 600°C. The obtained superconducting tape showed superconductivity at twenty nine.1 K. The magnetic Jc of one.half dozen × 102 A/cm2 (at 4.2 K and self-field) was obtained for the sample annealed at 625°C for 5 h followed by quenching.

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