A Simplified Method of Making Flexible Blue LEDs on a Plastic Substrate


A a lot of-simplified method of constructing flexible GaN blue lightweight-emitting diode (LED) array on a plastic substrate was demonstrated. A sticky elastomeric stamp was 1st brought into contact with prefabricated GaN LED array on a sapphire substrate. Laser liftoff was applied by shining laser lightweight through the sapphire substrate. The released LED array sitting on the stamp was transferred to a polyethylene terephthalate substrate that was coated with an adhesive layer to end the fabrication process. Careful investigation of the engineered-in stress in the GaN LED layer using Raman spectroscopy revealed that the maximum stress that enables for intact GaN LED layer release and transfer was 0.7 GPa. The tactic drastically simplifies the cumbersome standard GaN layer transferring method whereas preserving the first layout of the GaN LED array. Thanks to its straightforward and sensible characteristics, the strategy is expected to greatly facilitate the development of versatile transferrable GaN LED applications on varied substrates at a much-reduced price.

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