Time Reversal Imaging of Deeply Buried Targets Under Moderately Rough Surfaces Using Approximate Transmitted Fields


In this paper, for time-reversal (TR) imaging of buried targets under moderate rough ground surfaces, the asymptotic 0.5-house Green's operate (AGF) is used. For the forward drawback, a parallel finite-difference time-domain technique is used, in which the excitation is an array of rectangular apertures and scattered fields are probed by an array terribly close to the bottom surface. Using the scattering matrix of the TR operator at a frequency vary of 0.five–2.five GHz, multiple signal classification (MUSIC) images are calculated. Assuming both dielectric and metallic targets and the Gaussian random rough surfaces, TR pictures using the standard Green's perform of a homogeneous medium with an averaged permittivity of free area and the ground are compared with those using AGF. It's shown that 2 completely different targets, at the same vary however totally different depths, can be successfully detected once the AGF is employed. Furthermore, using five receiving arrays at completely different heights from the ground, a sensible depth resolution is achieved. In this regard, transverse and depth resolutions are studied for ten random realizations of rough surfaces and 2 completely different root-mean-square heights (5 and 10 mm), resulting in the mean depth resolution of regarding zero.nine m.

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