A wideband spectrum-sliced amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) source operating in 1900-nm region is demonstrated using a newly developed double-clad ytterbium-sensitized thulium-doped fiber (YTF) and a Sagnac loop mirror. The YTF used was drawn from a D-shape preform, which was fabricated using the modified chemical vapor deposition (MCVD) and solution doping technique. The YTF was pumped by a 980-nm multimode laser to generate an ASE at 1900 nm through the transition of thulium ion from 3F4 to 3H6 with the assistance of ytterbium to thulium ion energy transfer. The broadband ASE was spectral sliced by the loop mirror, which was constructed using a 3-dB coupler and a piece of polarization maintaining fiber (PMF). A wideband comb with channel spacing of 3.3 nm and an extinction ratio of 9 dB was achieved with a multimode pump power of 1 W within a wavelength range of more than 300 nm. The center of the comb spectrum was at 1888 nm with peak power of around -53 dBm.

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