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Superluminal Transmission of Waveguide Mode-Airy Wavepackets

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Superluminal Transmission of Waveguide Mode-Airy Wavepackets


Here, we propose a way of superluminal transmission of dispersionless wavepackets through waveguides. Our scheme is based on the use of a hybrid wavepacket formed via the association of an Airy wavepacket with a waveguide mode. This waveguide mode-Airy wavepacket propagates like an optical bullet, that is, with no spatial diffraction or temporal spreading. Just by changing its initial field configuration, we can enhance the transmission speed of the hybrid wavepacket significantly, realizing its superluminal transmission. In addition, the acceleration feature of the Airy wavepacket speeds up the hybrid wavepacket further so that its transmission speed increases as it propagates through the waveguide.

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Superluminal Transmission of Waveguide Mode-Airy Wavepackets - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes

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