Periodic U-Slot-Loaded Dual-Band Half-Width Microstrip Leaky-Wave Antennas for Forward and Backward Beam Scanning


Half-width microstrip leaky-wave antennas (HW-MLWAs) are generally single band. Here, we have a tendency to gift a brand new method to realize twin-band operation from an HW-MLWA by periodically loading the antenna with U-shaped slots. These dual-band MLWAs will be able to steer the beam in forward directions in one band and in backward directions in the other band. One in all the antenna styles was prototyped and tested, and glorious agreement between the predicted and measured results were observed. The measured ten-dB come loss bandwidth of the first and second bands are $19.5 % $ (5.24–half dozen.thirty seven GHz) and $thirteen.2 p.c $ (7.nine–nine.02 GHz), respectively. The antenna will steer the most beam from $thirty^circ $ to $sixty five^circ $ in the first band and from $-forty six^circ $ to $-ten^circ$ in the second band by sweeping the frequency from 5.25 to six.twenty five GHz and seven.seventy five to 9 GHz, respectively. The measured peak gain of the antenna is twelve.2 and 14.1 dBi in the primary and second bands, respectively. Although the antenna parameters are optimized for dual-band operation, the radiation properties in another higher frequency band (third band) are explored. Within the third band, the antenna beam continuously scans from backward to forward direction as frequency will increase. Moreover, this U-slot loaded single-layer half-width LWA is simple to fabricate.

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