Multiobjective Optimization Dispatch for Microgrids With a High Penetration of Renewable Generation


Several edges can be achieved through the implementation of a Microgrid controller, like minimized cost, reduction in peak power, power smoothing, greenhouse gas emission reduction, and increased reliability of service. However, most Microgrid controllers found within the literature and in the trade optimize one objective, that either exacerbates or will not solve the issues with integrating a high penetration of renewable energy. This paper presents a technique of formulating a multiobjective optimization (MOO) thus that each objective is quantified through valuation functions which will be specific to every Microgrid. The proposed approach attains a Pareto-optimal solution by directly comparing the quantified valuation functions and solving as if it were one-objective optimization (SOO) drawback. Three cases of controllers are presented and compared: one)a base case system with no controller; a pair of)an SOO that optimizes the cost of energy; and 3)an MOO that optimizes five identified advantages. Results show that the proposed controller will mitigate the negative impacts of volatile generation to levels below that of the system load.

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