Harmonic Order Tracking Analysis: A Novel Method for Fault Diagnosis in Induction Machines


The diagnosis of induction machines using Fourier remodel depends on tracking the frequency signature of each sort of fault in the present's spectrum, but this signature depends on the machine's slip and the availability frequency, so it must be recomputed for each operating condition by trained personnel or by diagnostic software. Besides, sampling the current at high rates throughout long times is required to achieve a smart spectral resolution, that requires giant memory area to store and process the present spectra. During this paper, a novel approach is proposed to solve both problems. It is based on the very fact that each kind of fault generates a series of harmonics in the current's spectrum, whose frequencies are multiples of a characteristic main fault frequency. The tracking analysis of the fault elements using the harmonic order (defined as the frequency in per unit of the most fault frequency) as independent variable rather than the frequency generates a distinctive fault signature, which is the same for any operating condition. Besides, this signature can be concentrated in just a terribly tiny set of values, the amplitudes of the elements with integer harmonic order. This new approach is introduced theoretically and validated experimentally.

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