Influence of fast rise voltage and pressure on partial discharges in liquid embedded power electronics


Initiation of partial discharges at the highly stressed regions of an Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) can cause degradation of the insulation and eventual total breakdown of the system. In this work, an experimental setup has been designed for the study of partial discharges (PDs) under completely different voltage waveforms. PD behavior of IGBT insulation was investigated using standard and optical techniques. Influence of pressure and voltage wave form is documented. The check setting was initial characterized with purpose-plane geometry underneath sinusoidal and slow rise square voltage of up to 20 kVpeak and quick rise square voltage of up to +50 kV. The measured electrical and optical PDs showed sensible correlation, revealing that optical PDs can be relied on for the characterization of PD phenomena. High slew rate of the square voltage reduced the inception voltage and increased magnitude. The PD pattern from the ditch shows the existence of house charges. The PDs which occurred inside the triple purpose region are possibly attracted along the board interface and become surface discharges. Pressure suppresses the initiation and propagation of the discharge.

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