Fatigue Experiments on Single Crystal Silicon in an Oxygen-Free Environment


The fatigue lifetime of single crystal silicon (SCS) was characterised in an environment freed from oxygen, humidity, and organics. Long-term (> 10ten Hz) fatigue experiments performed with swish-walled SCS devices showed no signs of fatigue injury up to seven.five GPa. In contrast, experiments using SCS devices with a silicon dioxide (SiO2) coating and rough sidewalls due to scalloping from deep reactive ion etching exhibited fatigue drift at two.7 GPa and suffered from short-term (<; 10ten Hz) fatigue failure at stress levels >three GPa. In these SCS-SiO2 experiments, the initiation of fracture happens in the SiO2 layer. It's concluded that fatigue during this case is possible attributed to a subcritical cracking mechanism; not reaction-layer nor dislocation related. A cross-comparison with different works from literature is developed to point out that packaging a pristine device in an inert setting is critical so as to work devices at high-stress levels.

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