Asymptotic Sum Rate in Spatially Correlated Two-Cell Channel With User Scheduling


Coordinated beamforming (CBF) provides improved total rate with less overhead and computational complexity, and its theoretical performance analysis is mostly finished in a spatially uncorrelated setting. During this paper, we have a tendency to investigate the impact of spatial correlation on the add rate of a 2-cell multiuser downlink channel. We analyze the scaling laws of the add rate with a large range of users. To improve the performance, different roles are assigned to the two cells: One could be a master cell, and the opposite is a slave cell. The base station (BS) of the master cell requests the interference cancelation to the slave cell, and therefore the BS of the slave cell performs precoding to cancel the interference influencing over the master cell, although the achievable rate of the slave cell is decreased. The decision of the master and slave cells can be tormented by the amount of users and also the degree of spatial correlations. From laptop-based simulations, we have a tendency to show that our proposed algorithm will achieve the next add rate than other previous approaches with lower overhead.

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