FDTD simulation considering an AC operating voltage for air-insulation substation in terms of lightning protective level


The accuracy of lightning overvoltage evaluation of electrical equipment has been improved based mostly on circuit analysis like the Electro-magnetic Transients Program, however analyzing phenomena whose plane wave propagation (TEM) mode can't be assumed remains unsolved. Since numerical analysis of electromagnetic fields like the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) methodology directly solves Maxwell's equations, it's an appropriate suggests that for solving this issue. In this paper, the lightning surge waveform thanks to the back-flashover is analyzed using the FDTD technique; bearing detailed modeling of transmission towers and incoming substation lines in mind. An open finish of a circuit breaker of a 500 kV air-insulated substation was selected as the topic of research, and ac operation voltage was thought of as an analysis condition. Following FDTD analysis, a one hundred fifty kA lightning stroke to the primary tower, that is the standard lightning stroke of the lightning protection style, will not cause back-flashover, however a 200 kA lightning stroke to the first tower and a 150 kA lightning stroke to the second did do therefore. The flashover occurred in the later timing than the result of conventional circuit analysis, and the increase of the lightning surge was also slower. The voltage waveform of the open end of the circuit breaker reached its peak once repeating reflections, and the overvoltage price became lower than the circuit analysis. According to the FDTD analysis, the desired stand up to voltage value once the waveform evaluation with a 200 kA lightning stroke is 1,337 kV, that is under the current lightning impulse face up to voltage (LIWV) one,550 kV. The lightning stroke current two hundred kA is the worth adopted in the lightning protection design of the UHV system. Therefore, the prevailing air-insulated substation equipment is taken into account highly capable of withstanding overvoltage at the time of a back-flashover.

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