A 200-Channel Area-Power-Efficient Chemical and Electrical Dual-Mode Acquisition IC for the Study of Neurodegenerative Diseases


Microelectrode array (MEA) will be utilized in the study of neurodegenerative diseases by monitoring the chemical neurotransmitter unleash and the electrical potential simultaneously at the cellular level. Currently, the MEA technology is migrating to additional electrodes and better electrode density, that raises power and area constraints on the look of acquisition IC. During this paper, we have a tendency to report the look of a 200-channel twin-mode acquisition IC with highly efficient usage of power and space. Underneath the constraints of target noise and fast settling, this channel design saves power by as well as a unique current buffer biased in discrete time (DT) before the TIA (transimpedance amplifier). The two hundred channels are sampled at 20 kS/s and quantized by column-wise SAR ADCs. The prototype IC was fabricated during a 0.18 μm CMOS process. Silicon measurements show the current channel has 21.six pArms noise with cyclic voltammetry (CV) and 0.48 pArms noise with constant amperometry (CA) whereas consuming twelve.1 μW. The voltage channel has four.07 μVrms noise within the bandwidth of a hundred kHz and zero.a pair ofp.c nonlinearity while consuming 9.1 μW. Each channel occupies 0.03 mm2 area, which is among the smallest.

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