This study presents an approximate model for multi-strand wire winding, including litz-wire winding. The proposed model is evaluated using Dowell's equation. The model takes into account the existence of proximity effect within the litz-wire bundle between the strands and between the bundles, as well the skin effect. The expressions for optimum strand diameter and number of strands at which minimum winding AC resistance is obtained for the litz-wire windings are derived. The boundary frequency between the low-frequency and the medium-frequency ranges are given for both litz-wire and solid-round wire inductors. Hence, the low-frequency ranges of both wire windings are determined. It is shown that litz-wire is better than the solid wire only in specific frequency range. The model has been verified by the measurements, and the theoretical results were in good agreement with those experimentally measured. Comparison of the theoretical predictions of the proposed approximate litz-wire model with models proposed in other publications and with experimental results is given.

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