DC-Side Harmonic Currents Calculation and DC-Loop Resonance Analysis for an LCC–MMC Hybrid HVDC Transmission System


For an LCC-MMC hybrid HVDC transmission system with reverse current blocking diodes, this paper presents a methodology for dc-aspect harmonic current calculation and dc-loop impedance calculation. Initial, in the calculation of dc-side harmonic currents, the line-commutated converter at the rectifier facet is replaced by the 3-pulse harmonic voltage sources; the modular multilevel converter is represented by a similar passive circuit based on the linearization theory; an improved calculating technique for the coupled line model is introduced into calculating the admittance matrix of the dc transmission lines to enhance the computational efficiency; and then this paper describes the entire procedures of the proposed technique. Second, primarily based on the dc-aspect equivalent models mentioned before and therefore the nodal voltage analysis methodology, this paper presents an analytical technique for the calculation of dc-loop impedance in step with the definition of dc-loop impedance Finally, the PSCAD/EMTDC simulation verifications have been distributed based on a 1500 MW/ + 500 kV MMC-HVDC system, a 300zero-MW/ ±five hundred-kV LCC-MMC hybrid HVDC system, and its dc network. The simulation results and also the analytical results coincide with each other, and therefore the effectiveness of the proposed ways is proved.

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