Determining Key Parameters for the STRETCH Meat Grinder Circuit


Slow transfer of energy through capacitive hybrid (STRETCH) meat grinder circuit, which was proposed by the Institute for Advanced Technology, added a capacitor into the traditional meat grinder circuit. Although its energy density is slightly less than the corresponding pure inductance system, it can scale back the voltage across the gap switch and maintain the high multiplication issue of the gap current. The performance of the STRETCH meat grinder circuit depends on multiple parameters. The inductance ratio ( and therefore the capacitance are the 2 important factors, which have an important influence on the system performance, like the voltage over the gap switch ( , the current multiplication issue ( ), and the ratio of the maximum capacitive energy over the full inductive energy ( . Thorough studies are carried out in this paper on the link between the above two factors and therefore the 3 performance criteria. This paper additionally discusses and analyzes the chosen of the key parameters ( and ) for a single-stage STRETCH meat grinder with two-mH total inductance, that is created from two serial coils with 0.95 coupling issue. The opening current of the main switch is one kA, which constitutes a 1-kJ inductive pulsed-power provide. It fully takes the advantage of the STRETCH meat grinder topology, intensifies the study of the inductive pulsed-power supply with higher energies, and is easy to be used for - ractical application.

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