Sea Oil Slick Observation Using Hybrid-Polarity SAR Architecture


In this study, hybrid-polarity (HP) architecture is exploited to watch sea oil slicks. HP options are interpreted in terms of ocean surface scattering with or without oil slicks, below low-to-moderate wind conditions. They're shown to exhibit a different sensitivity with respect to slick-free, weak-damping slick-coated, and oil-covered ocean surfaces. This sensitivity is verified against HP measurements obtained reworking actual L- and C-band quad-polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (SAR) information where each oil slicks and weak-damping look-alikes are gift. Experiments demonstrate: one) the exceptional performance of HP features to both observe oil slicks and distinguishing them from weak-damping look-alikes; two) the marginal result played by the sensor's noise floor on HP features performance; three) the pronounced sensitivity of the HP options to the damping properties of the surfactants; and 4) the comparable performance that characterizes polarimetric entropy derived by HP and standard polarimetric measurements.

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