The Assembly and Fabrication of Single CuO Nanowire Electronic Device Based on Controllable DWS-DEP Technology


CuO nanowire is an important one-dimensional semiconductor material to assemble and fabricate novel nanoelectronic device, especially molecular or atom device based on single nanowire. However, how to assemble and fabricate nanoelectronic device based on single CuO nanowire remains a big challenge. Here, we proposed a new controllable dielectrophoresis assembly technology, namely dielectrophoretic working space-dielectrophoresis technology, to realize the assembly and fabrication of single CuO nanowire nanoelectronic device. Theoretical analysis and assembly experiments verified the effectiveness of the new technology. By this technology, currently we have successfully fabricated two kinds of single CuO nanowire nanoelectronic device, photodetector and alcohol sensor, from CuO nanowire's preparation, dispersion to assembly. Due to the high sensitivity of single CuO nanowire, the novel alcohol sensor can work at room temperature compared to the CuO nanowires arrays-based sensor working only at high temperature. The proposed technology can also be utilized to assemble and fabricate single-nanowire electronic device based on other materials.

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