Shape Engineering for Controlled Switching With Nanomagnet Logic


We demonstrate that in circuits and systems that comprised of nanoscale magnets, magnet-shape-dependent switching properties can be used to perform Boolean logic. More specifically, by making magnets with slanted edges, we can shift the energy barrier of the device (i.e., so that it is not at a maximum when a device is magnetized along its geometrically hard axis). In clocked systems, we can leverage this barrier shift to make and or or gates that are not majority based. Advantages include reduced gate footprint and interconnect overhead as we eliminate one gate input. In this paper, we report and discuss micromagnetic simulations that illustrate how magnet shape can facilitate nonmajority-gate-based, reduced footprint logic; preliminary fabrication and testing results that illustrate that shape engineering can induce energy barrier shifts; and additional micromagnetic simulations that show other ways in which we might leverage shape in circuits made from nanoscale magnets.

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