Small Wideband Monopole Antenna With a Distributed Inductive Strip for LTE/GSM/UMTS


We have a tendency to present a tiny, planar, and twin-wideband antenna for handheld devices, that consists of a driven spiral monopole and a distributed inductive strip designed. A dual-wideband characteristic is realized by employing a coupling feed, a distributed inductor, and a folded strip, which excite multiple resonant modes to realize wide impedance matching. The antenna size is reduced by spiraling of the monopole and meandering and folding of the distributed inductive strip, that occupies 20 ×15 mm2. The measured antenna gains and efficiencies are over 0.75 to one.80 dBi and 60 to eighty twopercent, respectively. Radiation patterns are approximately omnidirectional in the x-y (H) planes for all bands: the LTE80zero, GSM850/90zero, GSM180zero/1900, UMTS, and LTE230zero/250zero bands.

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