The Effect of Light Ion Irradiation on 4H-SiC MPS Power Diode Characteristics: Experiment and Simulation


In this text, the effect of native radiation damage on the electrical characteristics of 1700 V 4H-SiC Merged-Pin Schottky (MPS) diode are investigated. Radiation defects introduced by irradiation with 670 keV protons were placed into the low-doped n-kind epi-layer and their influence on diode characteristics were characterized by capacitance DLTS, C-V profiling and that i-V measurements. Simulation model accounting for the impact of proton irradiation was developed, calibrated and used for analysis of underlying effects and temperature dependencies. Results show that the forward voltage drop and breakdown voltage is insensitive to the position of the damage region when the defect peak is placed far aloof from the Schottky metal contact of the MPS diode. However, when the harm region approaches to the p+ regions, forward voltage drop degrades considerably. For fluences higher than three.3×10ten cm - two, the acceptor concentration in the peak region achieves donor doping level of the epi-layer and a sharp increase within the diode forward voltage drop is observed. Acceptor centers introduced by proton irradiation conjointly slightly increase the breakdown voltage while decreasing the leakage current at voltages shut to the MPS diode breakdown ( > 200zero V).

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