Simplified Detection for DVB-NGH MIMO Decoders


Today, communication systems would like to satisfy terribly demanding constraints in order to cope with users new necessities. One in all the most promising techniques to enhance the system capacity is multiple input multiple output (MIMO). However, the utilization of MIMO implies a large complexity increase in the detection method. In this paper, a technique to reduce the aforementioned complexity is presented. Although the proposed technique is analyzed for digital video broadcasting next generation for handhelds, its implementation is useful for any MIMO system that needs the computation of log likelihood ratios (LLRs), used by the low density parity check codes. The presented technique consists of applying a simplification when calculating the Euclidean distances required by the LLRs. The simplification avoids nearly all the multiplications, terribly area demanding when translated into hardware, and presents a performance loss below dB.

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