Time-Frequency Grassmannian Signalling for MIMO Multi-Channel-Frequency-Flat Systems


During this paper, we have a tendency to consider the applying of non-coherent Grassmannian signalling in practical multi-channel-frequency-flat multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless Communication systems. In these systems, Grassmannian signalling, originally developed for single-channel block-fading systems, is not readily applicable. In specific, in such systems, the channel coefficients are constant across time and frequency, that implies that spectrally-efficient signalling ought to be jointly structured over these domains. To approach this goal, we have a tendency to develop a concatenation technique that yields a spectrally-efficient time-frequency Grassmannian signalling scheme, that allows the channel coherence bandwidth to be thought to be an additional coherence time. This theme is shown to attain the high signal-to-noise ratio non-coherent capability of MIMO channels when the fading coefficients are constant over a time-frequency block. This scheme is additionally applicable in quick fading systems with coherence bandwidth exceeding that of one subchannel. The proposed theme is freelance of the symbol length, i.e., the channel use period, and is therefore compatible with the transmit filter designs in current systems.

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