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Feasibility of Code-Level Altimetry Using Coastal BeiDou Reflection (BeiDou-R) Setups

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Feasibility of Code-Level Altimetry Using Coastal BeiDou Reflection (BeiDou-R) Setups


With the event of the Chinese BeiDou satellite navigation system, the applications of BeiDou-mirrored (BeiDou-R) signals will play a key role in International Navigation Satellite System-reflected (GNSS-R) signals. In this paper, we tend to describe the speculation of code-level ocean surface altimetry using BeiDou-R signals. 2 BeiDou-R coastal experiments (lake and ocean experiments in China) were performed using direct right-handed circularly polarized (D-RHCP) antenna, mirrored left-handed circularly polarized (R-LHCP) antenna, and mirrored right-handed circularly polarized (R-RHCP) antenna. This is the first research on BeiDou-R ocean altimetry performance analysis. The lake experiment demonstrated the potential availability of water surface altimetry using BeiDou-R signals. We tend to found that the resulting error (zero.eleven m) from the BeiDou geostationary Earth orbit (GEO) satellite signals was a lot of smaller than that (1.61 m) from the inclined geosynchronous orbit (IGSO) satellite signals, and so verified that R-LHCP signals from high-elevation satellites were a lot of appropriate for altimetry. The ocean surface altimetry was performed on China East Sea for 28 h. The expected results of ocean surface height using R-LHCP signals from BeiDou GEO satellites were in smart agreement with the sector measured data, and the root-mean squared (rms) height precision can reach zero.thirty seven m. A higher performance of GEO observations compared to IGSO observations was found for coastal setups. In case of airborne setups with totally different multipath settings, the result may be different.

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Feasibility of Code-Level Altimetry Using Coastal BeiDou Reflection (BeiDou-R) Setups - 4.9 out of 5 based on 70 votes

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