Sensing and Force-Feedback Exoskeleton (SAFE) Robotic Glove


This paper presents the design, implementation and experimental validation of a unique robotic haptic exoskeleton device to live the user's hand motion and assist hand motion while remaining transportable and light-weight. The device consists of a 5-finger mechanism actuated with miniature DC motors through antagonistically routed cables at each finger, which act as both active and passive force actuators. The SAFE Glove could be a wireless and self-contained mechatronic system that mounts over the dorsum of a blank hand and provides haptic force feedback to each finger. The glove is adaptable to a large choice of finger sizes without constraining the range of motion. This makes it possible to accurately and comfortably track the complex motion of the finger and thumb joints related to common movements of hand functions, together with grip and release patterns. The glove can be wirelessly linked to a pc for displaying and recording the hand status through 3D Graphical User Interface (GUI) in real-time. The experimental results demonstrate that the SAFE Glove is capable of reliably modeling hand kinematics, measuring finger motion and aiding hand grasping motion. Simulation and experimental results show the potential of the proposed system in rehabilitation therapy and virtual reality applications.

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