Injection-Locked Spin Hall-Induced Coupled-Oscillators for Energy Efficient Associative Computing


During this paper, we tend to show that the dynamics of injection-locked Spin Hall Impact Spin-Torque Oscillator (SHE-STO) cluster can be exploited as a robust primitive computational operator for non-Boolean associative computing. A cluster of SHE-STOs will be locked to a common frequency and section with an injected ac current signal. DC input to every STO from external stimuli will conditionally unlock some of them. Based on the input dc signal, the degree of synchronization of SHE-STO cluster is detected by CMOS interface circuitry. The degree of synchronization will be used for associative computing/matching. We gift a numerical simulation model of SHE-STO devices based mostly on Landau–Lifshitz–Gilbert equation with spin-transfer torque term and Spin Hall Impact. The model is then used to research the frequency and section locking properties of injection-locked SHE-STO cluster. Results show that associative computing based on the injection locked SHE-STO cluster will be energy economical and comparatively proof against device parameter variations and thermal noise.

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