Micromachined Room-Temperature Air-Suspended Ni/Cr Nanobolometer


This paper presents the influence of the surrounding air on air-suspended microbolometers and nanobolometers. If the air-suspended bolometer is long and skinny due to a coffee sheet resistance, the thermal loss through the air can be love that through the bolometer structure, and therefore, the encircling air will greatly have an effect on the bolometer performance. The thermal models with the encircling air result are newly developed and verified using finite-component technique simulations, and it is seen that bolometers with widths m are needed therefore as to minimize the impact of the encompassing air. Ni/Cr microbolometers and nanobolometers with the sheet resistance of 5.three–5.6 /sq. and widths of two– m are fabricated and tested at room temperature. As the bolometer resistance increases, the microbolometer ( m) responsivity saturates at 83 V/W (restricted by the encompassing air), whereas that of the nanobolometer ( m) continuously increases up to 315 V/W. Additionally, the 3-dB cutoff frequency of the nanobolometer (65 kHz) is three times more than that of the microbolometer. The measured nanobolometer noise equivalent power is 14 pW/ Hz for m, m, and , which is better than the previous state-of-the art. Application areas are in terahertz power measurements and room-temperature imaging systems.

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