Theoretical Studies of Ultrashort Light Pulse Spectrally-Phase-Encoded OCDMA System Using Power-Cubic Optical Nonlinear Preprocessor


In this paper, a spectral-section-encoded ultrashort light pulse optical code division multiple access (SPE-OCDMA) system using a completely unique nonlinear power-cubic optical preprocessor at its receiver's front end is theoretically investigated. The system's mathematical model and also the statistical distribution of the choice variable $Y$, prior to the choice module of the receiver, are discussed. The primary 3 moments of the random decision variable $Y$ are obtained within the context of the higher than OCDMA system and subsequently employed in an acceptable Log-Pearson sort 3 (LP3) distribution to represent the random decision variable $Y$. Multiple access interference (MAI) and amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) noises are taken under consideration to obtain the bit error rate of the system. Furthermore, the effects of shot and thermal noises are included in the system performance modeling. During this context, performance comparison of the system primarily based on power-cubic preprocessor and systems using power-quadratic nonlinear optical thresholders, like second harmonic generation crystals, are discussed. Finally, through numerical calculations beneath various conditions, we tend to show the prevalence of power-cubic systems, especially in high power regime where MAI is the dominant noise.

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