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On the Failure of R D Projects

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On the Failure of R D Projects


There is an in depth literature on the success/failure of firm-funded R&D comes, however growing policy interest focuses on publicly funded R&D comes. We have a tendency to discuss this literature, that builds on a long stream of research of which Albert Rubenstein was a chief investigator, and use the literature to motivate the theoretical and empirical components of the paper. Using knowledge from 1878 Section II R&D comes funded through the U.S. Little Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, of that 624 had been discontinued previous to technical completion, we have a tendency to give for the primary time quantitative findings on the success/failure of publicly funded firm-performed R&D projects. Using a single-equation qualitative selection model, we have a tendency to realize that prior R&D experience with the technology funded by SBIR comes, the amount of the SBIR award, and having a feminine as a principle investigator, other factors held constant, are all negatively related to the probability of project failure. In distinction, firm size is completely related to project failure. We did not find proof that human capital, experiential information embodied in the firm conducting the R&D, or university involvement within the R&D project affected the probability of project failure. We tend to discuss the implications of those findings for follow, policy, and additional analysis.

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