Three-Dimensional Chips Can Be Cool: Thermal Study of VeSFET-Based 3-D Chips


Thermal management becomes a huge challenge for fashionable IC designers, especially when chips go 3-D. Vertical slit field-impact transistor (VeSFET) technology provides an alternate thermal-friendly style selection. VeSFET-based mostly chips not only have a a lot of lower power density but also a better vertical thermal conductivity than their CMOS counterparts. For a VeSFET chip with ten stacked dies, the temperature increase is solely 30% of that for CMOS-primarily based chip. Assuming the same scaling trend for CMOS and VeSFET, VeSFET 3-D chips will postpone the appearance of dark silicon by 3 technology nodes compared with CMOS implementations. For VeSFET-based mostly designs, different topologies of transistor arrays could lead to different thermal behaviors. We have a tendency to perform thermal characterization of two-transistor array topologies.

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