Ultrafast Three-Dimensional Imaging System Based on Phase-Shifting Method and Hybrid Dispersion Laser Scanning


In this paper, we proposed an ultrafast three-D imaging system based on phase-shifting method and a hybrid dispersion scanning technique. The imaging system is capable of acquiring the three-D form of the object at an ultrafast scan rate. A theoretical model is built to explain the operation principle of the imaging system and to analyze the performance of the system. Within the demonstration, the imaging system is intended with practical devices and parts. The system features a scan rate of 25 MHz and a frame rate of 100 kHz. The sphere of read is , and the number of pixels of one frame is 260 pixel a thousand pixel. The reconstructed three-D image has the height signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) of thirty.eleven dB. The performance of the imaging system is investigated by analyzing the influence of the input beam size and therefore the resolution of the digitizer. The input collimated light with large beam size is preferred for top image quality. Moreover, the depth resolution can be improved by using high-resolution digital signal processing.

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