A Monolithic CMOS-MEMS Oscillator Based on an Ultra-Low-Power Ovenized Micromechanical Resonator


A totally monolithic complimentary metal-oxide- semiconductor-microelectormechanical systems (CMOS-MEMS) oscillator comprised of an ovenized double-ended tuning fork resonator to enable ultra-low heater power operation of only 0.forty seven mW over entire temperature span (-40 °C to eighty five °C) and a low noise sustaining circuit to realize low part noise has been demonstrated during a Taiwan Semiconductor Producing Company (TSMC) zero.35-μm CMOS method. The combination of low thermal conductivity material and high thermal isolation style is that the key to attaining ultra-low-power heater operation in an exceedingly sub-mW level. Passive temperature compensation theme is also conducted in the proposed CMOS-MEMS resonator by an oxide-metal composite structure, showing an occasional temperature coefficient of frequency (TC f ) of solely ppm/°C, which is suited for the utilization in ovenized oscillator systems. By implementing a continuing-resistance temperature control theme, the frequency drift of the resonator smaller than a hundred and twenty ppm from -forty °C to eighty five °C is demonstrated during this paper, indicating the same TC f smaller than 1 ppm/°C, a record-low value against its CMOSMEMS counterparts. The CMOS-MEMS oscillator operating at one.two MHz demonstrates a part noise of -112 dBc/Hz at one-kHz offset and -one hundred twenty dBc/Hz at one-MHz offset whereas drawing less than one.3 mW. The entire power consumption of the ovenized oscillator system is confirmed to be but 1.8 mW (oscillator + micro-oven), verifying the nice potential of low power oven-controlled MEMS oscillators realized in CMOS-MEMS technology.

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