Temperature-Dependent Transfer Characteristics of Low Turn-On Voltage InGaZnO Metal-Oxide Devices With Thin Titanium Oxide Capping Layers


This paper reports an InGaZnO thin-film transistor involving a good bandgap gate dielectric of and IGZO/ channel stack. Consistent with our experimental results, the IGZO TFT with a thin channel capping layer shows smart device integrity of an occasional threshold voltage of zero.37 V, a tiny sub-threshold swing of seventy seven mV/decade, and a high mobility of thirty three underneath an occasional drive voltage of . We have a tendency to conjointly demonstrate that the significantly improved electrical property is mainly contributed by the enhanced channel electrical field once capping, related to maximizing charge accumulated capability. The favorable high-temperature transfer characteristics are also obtained in IGZO/ TFT, indicating a weak Fermi-level pinning in IGZO/ channel structure. With the operating temperature increasing any, the thermal activated effect shall dominate IGZO channel property beyond percolation conduction.

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