Spectrally efficient enhanced-performance bidirectional coherent PON with laserless 10 Gb/s ONU [invited]


We have a tendency to present and experimentally characterize a spectrally economical, bidirectional, ultradense wavelength-division multiplexing passive optical network (PON) (two ?? one hundred twenty Gb/s at fifty GHz) over 30 km normal single-mode fiber. This can be achieved using a four GHz grid with partial spectrum overlapping, Nyquist-formed sixteen-ary quadrature amplitude modulation, and digital frequency shifting. This theme is based on a laserless, self-homodyne PON with centralized wavelength management. We achieve low-impact of the Rayleigh back-scattering result because of Nyquist-pulse shaping and frequency upshifting. Self-homodyne detection relaxes the laser linewidth requirement and digital signal processing complexity at the optical network unit. To demonstrate the extra benefit of the proposed PON system, we tend to additionally experimentally and theoretically evaluate the impact of nonlinear Raman crosstalk in video overlay. Compared to a baseband Nyquist signal and baud rate non-come back-to-zero equivalent, the proposed system improves the carrier-to-Raman crosstalk ratio of video overlay by four and 6 dB, respectively.

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