Magnetic Focusing Simulator: A 3-D Finite-Element Permanent-Magnet Focusing System Design Tool


This paper reports the event of a 3-D finite-component design tool for the design of permanent-magnet focusing system referred to as the magnetic focusing simulator (MFS). It's a replacement module of microwave-tube simulator suite developed by the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. MFS specifically targets problem categories as well as periodic permanent magnet, wiggler, permanent-magnet quadrupoles, periodic cusped magnet, and therefore on. MFS is a finite-component code of magnetic scalar potential and may be a solver of magnetostatic field. It can be used for designing, optimizing, testing, and validating the permanent-magnetic focusing systems. The theory of MFS is discussed intimately in this paper. Besides, the accuracy is compared with the industrial software ANSYS Maxwell, and the performance of MFS is additionally shown.

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