Lamellar-Grating-Based MEMS Fourier Transform Spectrometer


Design, fabrication, and characterization of a high-performance micromachined lamellar-grating-interferometer-based Fourier transform spectrometer are presented. The device is designed to give high deflections with very low dynamic deformation and good mode separation. Mechanical self-stoppers are introduced to withstand accelerations larger than 500 g due to shock. The clear aperture area of the grating is about 10 $hbox{mm}^{2}$. The maximum deflection while electrostatically actuated at ambient conditions is $pm 356 muhbox{m}$ at 71.2 V and 340 Hz, setting a record for comparable devices. At a pressure of 8.6 Pa, the same deflection is reached at 4.3 V. Six hundred eighty spectra per second can be recorded with a resolution of 14 $hbox{cm}^{-1}$. With a HeNe laser at 633 nm, a spectral resolution of 0.54 nm (22 $hbox{cm}^{-1}$) is reached using electrostatic actuation. The microelectromechanical systems device is integrated into a compact Fourier transform spectrometer setup including a blackbody source, an infrared (IR) detector, and a visible laser using the device back side for reference. Early results with IR interferograms are also reported. In addition, the devices are actuated with pressure waves in the ambient air to reach deflections up to $pm 700 muhbox{m}$. With this setup, the spectrum of a red laser is measured with a resolution of 0.3 nm (12.4 $hbox{cm}^{-1}$).$hfill$ [2011-0252]

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