Polarization Switching in a Mode-Locked Fiber Laser Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide


We tend to gift an experimental study of the polarization switching process in an exceedingly passively mode-locked fiber laser that includes a highly nonlinear component shaped by depositing reduced graphene oxide onto a fiber taper, that provides both saturable absorption effect and high nonlinearity. Increasing pump power, the laser moves from the self-pulsing mode to the oblong-pulse mode and shows totally different polarization switching characteristics. At low pump powers, the polarization switching effects are weak. At a high enough pump power, the polarization switching becomes important and therefore the switching frequency will be twice of the fundamental cavity spherical-trip frequency. Beyond a bound high pump power, the polarization switching becomes intense and therefore the switching frequency is equal to the basic cavity round-trip frequency. To the most effective of our knowledge, it's the first time to report such a process, which provides new data useful for the development of a additional complete theory for the polarization switching dynamics in a very mode-locked laser.

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